Helmut Hetzel took the shortest way from Germany to Holland – via China. There in Beijing Helmut Hetzel (1955) started after his study of Communications, Philosophy, History, Economics 1983 as a Foreign Correspondent. Before leaving Germany he has worked for the German TV-station WDR and for several newspapers in Germany.

In 1985 he moved from Beijing to The Hague, where he continued his work as Foreign Correspondent reporting about the Benelux-countries. He knows Asia well and loves this part oft he world, which he regularly visits, especially the PR of China, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia.

Main reporting about Politics, Economics, the Euro and Finance, Human Interest and Royalties, especially about Queen Maxima of The Kingdom of The Netherlands.

Helmut Hetzel received several awards and prices, the European Price for Journalism from the EU, the International Communications Award (Taiwan), to mention only two.

He regularly gives lectures and workshops at Universities in Germany, China, Taiwan, Hungary, The Netherlands and Belgium.

Born in Frankonia (Northern Part of Bavaria) he is a wine expert, connaisseur and he likes to cook. He is married, two grown up kids: Henk and Marijke.

He likes to cook and loves Goethe.

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