Work, Consultancy & Projects

1983-1985 Foreign Correspondent in Beijing (Peking), PR of China 

1985 Foreign Correspondent in The Hague, The Netherlands. Reporting mainly about:
Benelux-countries for newspapers as well as for radio and TV in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Belgium and The Netherlands. 

Together with the Dutch Radio and TV-Station VPRO he created the program: 
’The German Connection,’ which he presented as anchorman for five years. 

From 1990-1998 President of the Foreign Press Association of the Netherlands 

Founder of ,,De Nieuwe Haagsche Salon’’ (2008) The Hague
From 1998 – 2004 International President of the Association of European Journalists. Now Honorary President.

Since 2014: President of the German Cultural Table at Societeit De Witte, The Hague.

2014/2015 Docent at the Haagse Hooge School about Journalism & Democracy

1997: European Journalism-prize of the EU-Commission

International Communication Award from the Republic of China on Taiwan

Medal: “Proclamation of a United Europe” by Ferdinand Martinenga Foundation, Bratislava, Slovakia


For the Dutch companies: ING-Group and DSM, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of The Netherlands, Winkelman & van Hessen, CGI London, McGraw Hill, New York

Book publications: 
Several books about Belgium, China, The Netherlands
Owner of Wine Cellar 1550 in Antwerp, Belgium
German, English, Dutch

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